Come get your Saboten Photos!


Hey everyone! If you think you had your picture taken by one of these two handsome gentlemen

Then feel free to message me at chocozumo with your cosplay and the day it was on! I’ve tried to get everyone’s tumblr, and will tag appropriately! All of my photos will be tagged under #Saboten #AZStuck #Homestuck and #Cosplay !

I will queue people’s cosplays over the next couple weeks, so ask me and I can add you in!

Hope to hear from you!

-Connor (Chocozumo / Male! Vriska)

Saboten Homestuck Meet?


since there isn’t anything posted for any meets yet, i figured why not just go ahead and make one!
this isn’t a photoshoot meetup or anything big, it’s more of a just a come hang out and chill sort of thing-
i mean, who wants more standing around anyways? 
friend and i will be hosting a small organized meetup in the lower lobby.
it’s the lowest floor with a fountain and a bunch of couches, can’t miss it!
this is a weird 360 picture, but you get the idea. (i hope)
imageall i ask is that everyone is courteous to the people around them.
i mean, honking horns in peoples faces and generally being extremely obnoxious is something nobody wants to be around.
i may not be able to ask you to leave, but i sure as hell will confront you about it.
annnnnnnd i think that just about covers it!! 
the time will be saturday of con at 6:00pm

hope to see you there!

this is a wonderful idea

our meetup for the photoshoot(s) will be the next day - thinking 4:13 - so this gives people options

just a word tho that since this is going to be held inside to not block any paths/hallways/stairs as that is a fire hazard

so be very cautious about that just in case there is an emergency

- chris

wow, I honestly didn't know there was a blog for Arizona Homestuck fans. Thank you, guys, for making this blog; this gives me a better opportunity to make more friends in the fandom who live in Arizona, and when meet ups are happening.^^ By any chance, will there be any future meet ups taking place in Peoria or Glendale? (I've never been to a meet up before, so I like to be informed ^^)

You are very welcome! That’s what this blog is for!

As of right now, I haven’t heard of any meetups in Peoria or Glendale. You could check the azstuck and azstuckfun tags. If we hear anything, it will most likely be posted here.


Also another question did arise, at the meetups, do you guys usually dress up for cosplay or is that not always a thing at some meetups? :s

It really depends on the meetup. Some places that people choose for meetups (sunsplash, public areas, etc.) would not be appropriate for cosplay. In any case, looking at the posts for information on whether or not cosplay is encouraged is always a good idea!


Do you know if there is a panel at Saboten or about a meet-up?

There is the Fruity Rumpus Ask Panel and The Trickster Panel. Those are both on Sunday.

We are working on deciding where the meetup will be officially. We are so sorry for falling behind on giving out information. As of right now, it’s just me and Chris working stuff out, so things are moving a bit slowly. We thank you guys for being so patient!


Wow, I didn't know this blog existed! o: This would help me a lot to get more involved with the homestucks in my area since there's only so many at school, lol. Do you guys normally post upcoming meetups?

we try to and urge others to notify us if weve missed any or submit any meetup info to us

we may also start posting any useful information such as cosplay help/tips and things like that for first time cosplayers of trolls or anyone needing help

Hello, is it possible to arrange a meet up at the park place mall?

yes of course

if you or someone you know would like to host a meetup you dont need our permission or anyone elses

just make a post to see who is interested and if you get a good number of people wanting to go to your meetup then make an official post (with date time location etc) 

since you sent this tho ill post it publicly to see who would be interested

Is there a plan for a sabostuck meetup yet? I've yet to see or hear anything about one.

yes there is and we are very sorry about making everyone wait

im planning on scoping out an area since i will be in town this weekend but again apologeze for it being so last minute

i may not be the one to host it however since ill be too busy w other things but of course there are others willing to do it in my place

- chris


Tomorrow is our Sunsplash meetup!

We are doing the Nightsplash which starts at 7pm and ends at 10pm but feel free to show up before then (park opens at 11am)

There is also Morning Mania

Saturday Morning Mania


Includes: Unlimited Golf, Laser Tag and Video games on Saturday Morning from 10am - 1pm. Ticket cannot be sold after 12pm to allow time for all activities. Please check individual attraction information before purchasing.

And Arcade Mania

Arcade Mania


Get unlimited video games from 10am-1pm Saturday and 10pm-12mid Friday. Add a slice of pizza and drink Friday night for only $2.99. Excludes ticket and prize games.

Here is a list of all prices 

We will meet inside the park near the entrance from the castle

The park is located at 155 West Hampton Ave Mesa, AZ 85210

I was wondering where most of the azstuck meetups take place at, I might be moving to Arizona soon so I wanted to know where it is and if there ever any meets further north than Phoenix.

it really depends but usually they are around the phoenix/tempe area

lots of people plan meetups near to where they live and have no issues w attendance (as in quite a lot of people come) so if you find there arent enough in your area you can always plan a meetup