Is there a plan for a sabostuck meetup yet? I've yet to see or hear anything about one.

yes there is and we are very sorry about making everyone wait

im planning on scoping out an area since i will be in town this weekend but again apologeze for it being so last minute

i may not be the one to host it however since ill be too busy w other things but of course there are others willing to do it in my place

- chris


Tomorrow is our Sunsplash meetup!

We are doing the Nightsplash which starts at 7pm and ends at 10pm but feel free to show up before then (park opens at 11am)

There is also Morning Mania

Saturday Morning Mania


Includes: Unlimited Golf, Laser Tag and Video games on Saturday Morning from 10am - 1pm. Ticket cannot be sold after 12pm to allow time for all activities. Please check individual attraction information before purchasing.

And Arcade Mania

Arcade Mania


Get unlimited video games from 10am-1pm Saturday and 10pm-12mid Friday. Add a slice of pizza and drink Friday night for only $2.99. Excludes ticket and prize games.

Here is a list of all prices 

We will meet inside the park near the entrance from the castle

The park is located at 155 West Hampton Ave Mesa, AZ 85210

I was wondering where most of the azstuck meetups take place at, I might be moving to Arizona soon so I wanted to know where it is and if there ever any meets further north than Phoenix.

it really depends but usually they are around the phoenix/tempe area

lots of people plan meetups near to where they live and have no issues w attendance (as in quite a lot of people come) so if you find there arent enough in your area you can always plan a meetup

Hey! So I'm hosting a trickster panel at sabo on the 31st, 6:30-7:30pm (half an hour after fruityrumpas)We have all the alpha kids, dave, kanaya, Eridan, Karkat and Tavros but that's it so far. If you could post this so people can see/audition (con)

then that’d be great! All they need to do is send me an ask or a message to get information and try for a part. Thanks!

At what time will the sunsplash meet be at?

were doing the night splash which starts at 7pm this saturday and it ends at 10pm

of course youre free to get there beforehand

and if you all would rather go during the day then we can do that but night splash may have less people that arent us there

ill make a post later about everything so pls let us know if youd prefer going during the day or not
im pretty sure to be there during night splash it costs extra if you were already at the park beforehand

I am so excited for the sunsplash meet! i think the site is down because it wont come up on my phone or laptop but the pricing isnt as bad as I thought! Do you know if you have to pre-buy your tickets or can you buy them at the door?

you can buy them at the door :o)

I would be intrested in attending the sunsplash meet per person or group pay. i dunno if it makes a difference or not just thought you might like to know >.<

awesome thank you for responding

no one has come up front about whether they want to pay themselves or as a group specifically but i think we might need to go to self-pay

after the whole dashcon fiasco i feel like lots of people are less trusting so i wouldnt want to risk it and not have the full amount for the group and catering price

per person might also be better just in case someone cant make it last minute since if we do the group pricing we need to pay in advance


Dude, not necessarily a Homestuck meetup, but I like all you guys in the AZSTUCK community so I’m tagging it

Alright NerdFaces, it’s been a while. I know we all like each other because we have fun when we hang out. So instead of doing a homestuck meetup let’s all just hANG THE FUCK OUT.

Since summer is ending and most of us will be returning to the humdrum of school (or needing to face the horrors of adult life) we should get together in comfy clothes, bring some drinks and snacks and just hang out, draw some pictures, make some jokes, and have a lazy day at the park. Bring your friends! Bring your family! Bring your grandparents! It’ll be a super happy good time!

Where: Reid Park, by the duck pond

When: Monday, July 28 at 11 am till like whenever

Dress Code: Dress to comfort levels. Just be cozy and cool, no need to show off cosplays.

Bring some snacks and drink. I’ll bring water bottles, so we’ll have that taken care of. Message me if you have any questions!

Hey there, I was just wondering if there were any fellow Homestucks in the Goodyear/Buckeye area, or the Flagstaff area.

yeah there are homestuck fans in all those areas but i havent seen a meetup in a while

For the sunsplash event, were you talking about doing the night splash? I'm not sure what you mean by night slide...

yeah nightsplash sorry