I would be intrested in attending the sunsplash meet per person or group pay. i dunno if it makes a difference or not just thought you might like to know >.<

awesome thank you for responding

no one has come up front about whether they want to pay themselves or as a group specifically but i think we might need to go to self-pay

after the whole dashcon fiasco i feel like lots of people are less trusting so i wouldnt want to risk it and not have the full amount for the group and catering price

per person might also be better just in case someone cant make it last minute since if we do the group pricing we need to pay in advance


Dude, not necessarily a Homestuck meetup, but I like all you guys in the AZSTUCK community so I’m tagging it

Alright NerdFaces, it’s been a while. I know we all like each other because we have fun when we hang out. So instead of doing a homestuck meetup let’s all just hANG THE FUCK OUT.

Since summer is ending and most of us will be returning to the humdrum of school (or needing to face the horrors of adult life) we should get together in comfy clothes, bring some drinks and snacks and just hang out, draw some pictures, make some jokes, and have a lazy day at the park. Bring your friends! Bring your family! Bring your grandparents! It’ll be a super happy good time!

Where: Reid Park, by the duck pond

When: Monday, July 28 at 11 am till like whenever

Dress Code: Dress to comfort levels. Just be cozy and cool, no need to show off cosplays.

Bring some snacks and drink. I’ll bring water bottles, so we’ll have that taken care of. Message me if you have any questions!

Hey there, I was just wondering if there were any fellow Homestucks in the Goodyear/Buckeye area, or the Flagstaff area.

yeah there are homestuck fans in all those areas but i havent seen a meetup in a while

For the sunsplash event, were you talking about doing the night splash? I'm not sure what you mean by night slide...

yeah nightsplash sorry

Sunsplash Meet

We are trying to plan a Sunsplash meetup and are curious how many of you would be interested in going

We’ve looked at dates and think that August 9th (Nightslide) would work best but would like any input

Here is the park schedule

We are also looking into doing a group package as it will be much easier to manage and we may be able to have the park for ourselves

Here is info on the group packages

We haven’t called them yet about the package since we don’t have an estimate on who would like to go just yet, but it is something to keep in mind

If you would rather do a per person thing then that would be fine, just let us know

Does anyone have any cosplay plans for sabo 14?

Hey! So I'm turning 16 soon, and for my sweet 16 I wanted to throw a giant homestuck cosplay party. Its going to be on July 19th at 10248 E Jones Ave Mesa, Az, 85208 From: Noon-whenever Im going to have more info on my blog (continued)

But I’m hoping you guys could post this so more people can see it and know about it. Everyone who can make it is invited!

Azstuck turned 3 today. Happy bday azstickers!

Hi! I went to the fruity rumpus ask panel yesterday and I was wondering what the cast's tumblrs were? I can't find the page where it had all the cast members sorry o.o''. But I really enjoyed it and I think everyone did really well!! So uh, yeah if you could link me to the cast that would be great! Thanks :D

there is a video going around of the panel and it lists everyone (except the gamzee who was me because i came in super late)

I hope everyone has fun at the meetup today!